quarta-feira, julho 13, 2011

Perfect Symmetry

You probably know that I'll talk about Keane

Yea, I'll.
The perfect band, I would say. They are not my favorite band, but I'm sure many people love'em.
They make music to everyone, that ranges all ages. A kid can love them, and also an old grandmom.
I personally like them 'cause they make songs you'll always remember, and this is a especial thing that few bands can do it. Like, The Police and Oasis. You'll always know how to sing "Message In A Bottle" & "Wonderwall"; you can't deny!
Keane is not just another british pop/rock band, copying The Beatles trying to be famous and all... They are unique, a new reference for music. They are not fake and "shallow" (Can you understand me?!). Even being a pop/rock band, they deep in your sould and make you feel exacly what they want you to.
Listen to "Somewhere Only We Know" with your boyfriend, "Perfect Symmetry" when you're upset & "Sunshine" to dance all on your own...
Feel Keane.


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