terça-feira, julho 05, 2011


Wasssting Lights, guys.

Now, Dave is a little older, and you propably though that this album would be just like many others out there, with calm songs and some "Everlongs". I did though that too. But when I listened to Bridge Burning (1st song) I got completely amazed. They STILL rock, and literally out loud. The entire album is punk and heavy, and there's no songs for singing in your bathroom... Ok, maybe "Walk" or "Dear Rosemary"...
I would die to go to their concert. These songs are completely what we wanted, even better! I'm truly surprised with their new album, the long riffs and solos.
The lyrics, nothing amazing as "Learn To Fly" but good one, like "Arlandria"

5 STARS, Dave....

XOXO Juliette

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