segunda-feira, julho 18, 2011

'Standing Next To Me

Sometimes I think I'm way too romantic.

I just heard a song from The Last Shadow Puppets, and I'm totally in love with it... You know, I just listened to them for the first time today, and I... I... loved it.

For you that don't know them, The Last Shadow Puppets is formed by Alex Turner & Miles Kane. They both have their bands. Alex is the Arctic Monkeys frontman, & Miles was the frontman of The Rascals... Well they both belong to the indie rock scene, and that's why the band is so good. It's actually a project, not a band.

Their voices together have that perfect fit. I guess it's because they sing in that same british way that makes us fall in love with him. The only little thing that i missing is a good bass and a drumm. But maybe would affect their style.. I don't know. Maybe...

In the music videos, you can see Turner & Kane playing guitar and eletric guitar. And the most interesting thing is that they seem to be in a good mood and vibration... It leaves the impression that they are friends since a long time ago.

They deserve 4 stars and a half... Oh, dear.. Where's the bass?

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