quarta-feira, março 28, 2012

Writing a Journal

                                                                                            Writing Journals

This week I started a journal, that i write on in almost every day. I was interested on it since Tavi, from Style Rookie shown her on her blog, and I pretty much felt in love with it. 

So I found a little notebook my mom gave me and transformed it into a scrapbook/journal!     I write about a lot of things, like, I did a WishList, wrote the "Things That Make The Day Happier", that I post here, and sometimes I like writing stories.  

Check above some photos of it! 

domingo, março 25, 2012

The Garden

So, some weeks ago, we gave a nice treat on uor garden, and half of the leafs we're cut off, and there were plants everywhere... And the result you can see in this photos above.
This week I drew a lot, and also had to study basically eveything we learned this year, so I didn't have time to post anything here, and my mind is having a lack of ideas,, so I simply edited this pictures, and posted it.
Hope you guys enjoy my new Garden!

sábado, março 17, 2012

10 Things To Do During The Week!

I guess I'll go back to roots and write in English, because 1- No one here in Brazil read my blog, and 2- People I want to read are from another country, so I have to write in English.

So, I have some news! Every Saturday I'll try to write "10 Things To Do During The Week". It can be things I've never done, things I've done, and things I'm gonna do. But all of them are going to be delicious things to do if you're bored and into an awful routine.

These are the first...


1- Explode a firework! Just if your parents are ok with it, or even people who you live around. It's so beautiful, but also really noisy.

2- Take a time to yourself, buy magazines and spend the afternoor reading and relaxing.

3- Eat healthy! Do some cold pasta with vegetables and fruits. Delicous!

4- Go longboarding! It's so fun to longboard when there's nothing elso to do. I live in a very quiet neighborhood, almost no car passes by, and there's some really cool hills to go down... Be careful and wear equipment, like a helmet and protection to your elbow and knees.

5- Drink tea.

6- Eat some gradmom-made food. Like this fancy lasagna.

7- Free hug someone!

8- Take a macro shot. Make an object even more interesting!

9- - DIY a flower vase! Like I did! It's simple beautiful, and not only for flowers. I keep my painting brushes, my pencils, scissors, basically everything there.

On my next post during the week, I'll show you guys how how to do it!

10- Draw something. Sketch on a piece of paper, and might turn into a great draw. Just happened that to me this week. I had nothing to do, and ta-da! This happened. A beautiful spotted flower. It's a new technique for me.

*All Pics Were Taken By Me*

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