terça-feira, junho 26, 2012


Inpirational photos for the upcoming brazilian middle-year vacation... 

 A little movie I made for Lana Del Rey

 Dyeing to longboard again... But I won't do that soon, due to my hard accident...

sexta-feira, junho 22, 2012

Inpirational Summer

     So, I was thinking while I was browsing photos to upload here and my idea was to find beautiful ones that might represent summer, even though here in Brazil is winter, but as I know, most people that read this are probably from the Earth's North part, so I'll stick with their seasons... And I realised that Summer to me actually means to spend the most beautiful time with the ones you love. Not just the "party EVERY SINGLE DAY", but to end up your vocation happy with what happened and thinking that you did all you wanted. 
     Here we only have 1 month of vocation in the middle of the year, because our Summer vocation (2 months) happens in December-February, and that's when our school year changes. It's a little bit different, but we still enjoy our winter vocation as it was Summer, cuz here is hot the whole year.
     So that's what these photos represents! The life we all wanna have with our friends!

terça-feira, junho 12, 2012


Bonjour my lovely readers! How are you today?
I'm a shit today. Really. There are some good reasons...
1- Last Saturday I broke my two front teeth while I was longboarding downhill... And I'm pretty much scratched everywhere.
2- Today is the Brazilian Valentine's Day. It's actually a day for those that are dating, som who's not, stays out of it. And I'm out, of course. The thing is that I'm in love with a boy. REALLY like him, and he likes someone else... You know, these sort of shit that happens while you're a teenager. 
3-Is not a reason why I'm shitty, but a thing that I'm doing lately, which is writting. I'm going deep on writing, it's so nice. Mainly when you're 'EFFING IN LOVE. GEEEEEEEEEEEEZ.

So here are some pictures that express my feelings about that boy, and also to celebrate Brazilian "Daters" Day. F*ck it.

sexta-feira, junho 08, 2012

      Hi there! How are you guys? I'm alive, yes...
School is freaking me out! Honestly, this holliday came from Heaven. Now I can finally post here.
Lots have been happening, since me being in freaking love again to me winning a new film camera from my stepfather. Yo.
       So yeah, I've been busy and pretty much tired with life, but also my artistic skills have showed up this past days, and Iv'e done some REALLY NICE artworks with watercolour and also inproved my grafitty skills with a new pistol drawing... Which is on my Facebook!
Today is an ispirational post, full of beautiful images I found TODAY. Searching for beautiful photos is my undisclosed hobby... Hope you guys appreciate it!

All those images above give me a felling that they were taken by the girls' boyfriend, and that's amazingly beautiful to me. I really like when the photos, together make a short history. When I see a photo and I think " Oh! This photo can be found at someone's house!" I feel very... amazed. I don't like overposed photos neither overthought. I like natural photos, and that's their beauty! 

Kisses, Juliette.

País das Maravilhas

Minha foto
Pela mágica, alcanço a realidade.