sábado, maio 07, 2011

Knock Me Down

This blog was created to show people what I think about the universal music (okay, most Rock 'n Roll, cuz is what I like). Here I'll post critics (goods or bads) about new albuns, bands and singles that I've heard... My posts will alaways start with the name of a music/band/album that is related to what I'll write.

Whatever... I won't post nothing about Justin Bieber or Cody Simpson (I dunno if it's right the way i wrote...) just because I think the real good critic already said that they're not good...

And for starting this blog, I'll put my top ten bands here...

1-Red Hot Chili Peppers

2-Arctic Monkeys

3-Queens of the Stone Age

4-Franz Ferdinand

5-The Strokes



8-The Dead Weather

9-Maroon 5

10-The Police

I'm more into alternative british music and Industrial music, but as you see my favorite band ever is RHCP, but for many reasons that maybe I'll tell one day..

Kisses, Juliette.

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