segunda-feira, julho 25, 2011

Love Is A Losing Game

Well, Amy is dead...

A great voice is gone, a great singer.

She brough us back the soul music with her amazing voice and some attitudes.

She was weak, but a very different superstar. She lived on the underground scene of London, she went to Pubs and liked kids.

Drugs, was the problem, many, many, many drugs. Too much of them. But not just her died because of (supposed) drugs. Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin & Jim Morrison also did.

I always liked her music, she had an amazing voice, and had STYLE. Her own style. That 50's stuff, short dresses and high heels... Mixed with that crappy face, trashy clothes... She was unique

I highly recomend the song: Love Is A Losing Game & Back To Black


terça-feira, julho 19, 2011

The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie

Well, my favorite band released the first single from their new album "I'm With You" yesterday.

So funky, but so Stadium Arcadium at the same

Anthony said that se won't tell what were the inspirations for the lyric. But he told that Flea decided to make a classic funky bass song, and said that no one could bother him...

Well, he wrote such a good bass song, and them they started to play it as a b-side. But then, Anthony started to dance with a tree while he was listening to this song... And then, became a track!

Good story. True? I dunno, probably. I want to see Anthony dancing with a tree so bad, now.

A good song. Very good. But I actually thing is not what many fans expected... Some fans were waiting some Blood Sugar Sex Magik stuff or Uplift Mofo Party Plan. I knew they wouldn't fdo it. It's the past... They did a great funk stuff, but now, they're much more into popish things. And I don't see any problem on it. I heard "The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie" 10 times in a row.

And personally, I though it would be much more pop, like "Snow (hey ho)" or "Californication", but it's not. At all, it's not. The bass in that song is extremelly funky and low, while the drumms are just making a base and Josh is doing a great job.

He'll never make the John's backing vocals, but he's playing extremelly well and I think there's a lot of John in his guitar...

This song is a mix of Uplift Mofo Part Plan with Stadium Arcadium..

It's not my favorite, but it deserves to be heard.

Go to YouTube and listen to it. Enjoy the awesomeness of Red Hot Chili Peppers.


The Perfect Sin

My second song..

"She already knows what my perfum smells like
My mising heels are on her footsteps
My fingerprints marked their sheets

Break ups make me upset
You did teach me that
Is something wrong wit' the sunset?
Oh yes, I bet

And then, you watched her crying
Behind the stairs
So delicate, Oh how delicate
And you pretended to care (2x)

I listen to the mirrors cracking
In the fucking silence corner
How she screams is so scary
So I think, Wachu wating for? (4x)

And always wrong
They got the long way home
To the whole city amoung (To the road!)

And then, you watched her crying
Behind the stairs
So delicate, oh how delicate
And you pretended to care (2x)

He hoped to be the perfect sin
Dust & dirt have always been
A great scape for those teens
Or baby, just your outer skin...

And then you watched her crying
Behind the stairs
So delicate, oh how delicate
And you pretended to care... to care..."

This song didn't have a true inspiration. It just turned in this way. Actually, I think this will happen soon. (not with me)

Bye, Juliette

segunda-feira, julho 18, 2011

European Romeo

Now I'll post my lyrics here... Yes, I also compose!

"And on this summer romance
You got me into a dance
A lovely 80's trance
All it needed was a glace

You were wearing suspenders
With a request of surender
I didn't see any anger
Even when I didn't get an answer

The light blue eyes
You got me in disguise
I petended to be shy
How would I know you would be mine?

And then, all became so clear
That this was suppose to bear
Every moment of happiness, I swear

The light blue eyes
You got me in disguise
I pretended to be shy
How would I know you would be mine?

I knew had something in the air
Sitting next to your chair
Going somewhere
You forgot your affair
Were we too near?

The light blue eyes (blue eyes)
You got me in disguise (in disguise)
I pretendes to be shy
To be shy!
How would I know? You would be mine?(Be mine...)
How would I know you would be hers?"

So that's the song.. It's called Eropean Romeo, an all that happened in the song, actually didn't happen in true life. It's just what I was figuring out some weeks ago... It's all about my life and things that I was going through... Hope you like it guys. Soon I'll post on SoundCloud, and you'll listen to it!

Next post is another song of mine...

bye bye!

'Standing Next To Me

Sometimes I think I'm way too romantic.

I just heard a song from The Last Shadow Puppets, and I'm totally in love with it... You know, I just listened to them for the first time today, and I... I... loved it.

For you that don't know them, The Last Shadow Puppets is formed by Alex Turner & Miles Kane. They both have their bands. Alex is the Arctic Monkeys frontman, & Miles was the frontman of The Rascals... Well they both belong to the indie rock scene, and that's why the band is so good. It's actually a project, not a band.

Their voices together have that perfect fit. I guess it's because they sing in that same british way that makes us fall in love with him. The only little thing that i missing is a good bass and a drumm. But maybe would affect their style.. I don't know. Maybe...

In the music videos, you can see Turner & Kane playing guitar and eletric guitar. And the most interesting thing is that they seem to be in a good mood and vibration... It leaves the impression that they are friends since a long time ago.

They deserve 4 stars and a half... Oh, dear.. Where's the bass?

quarta-feira, julho 13, 2011

Perfect Symmetry

You probably know that I'll talk about Keane

Yea, I'll.
The perfect band, I would say. They are not my favorite band, but I'm sure many people love'em.
They make music to everyone, that ranges all ages. A kid can love them, and also an old grandmom.
I personally like them 'cause they make songs you'll always remember, and this is a especial thing that few bands can do it. Like, The Police and Oasis. You'll always know how to sing "Message In A Bottle" & "Wonderwall"; you can't deny!
Keane is not just another british pop/rock band, copying The Beatles trying to be famous and all... They are unique, a new reference for music. They are not fake and "shallow" (Can you understand me?!). Even being a pop/rock band, they deep in your sould and make you feel exacly what they want you to.
Listen to "Somewhere Only We Know" with your boyfriend, "Perfect Symmetry" when you're upset & "Sunshine" to dance all on your own...
Feel Keane.


terça-feira, julho 05, 2011


Wasssting Lights, guys.

Now, Dave is a little older, and you propably though that this album would be just like many others out there, with calm songs and some "Everlongs". I did though that too. But when I listened to Bridge Burning (1st song) I got completely amazed. They STILL rock, and literally out loud. The entire album is punk and heavy, and there's no songs for singing in your bathroom... Ok, maybe "Walk" or "Dear Rosemary"...
I would die to go to their concert. These songs are completely what we wanted, even better! I'm truly surprised with their new album, the long riffs and solos.
The lyrics, nothing amazing as "Learn To Fly" but good one, like "Arlandria"

5 STARS, Dave....

XOXO Juliette

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