sexta-feira, abril 27, 2012

Random Abscence/ Del Rey Addiction

   So, I told you guys I would explain why I was so far away from this blog. Two simple answers: 1- I completely forgot to post here. 2- When I eventually remembered it, I was too busy to write. So sorry.

    That's my first point, second point comes with the "Del Rey Addiction". I think everyone already knows what I'll talk about, and ta-da, it is Lana Del Rey.
She's so effin' gorgeous. And sings (CD CD CD) so well. She wears the most beautiful clothes, and I'm pretty sure Prada was inspired by her to do this whole Spring collection, but anyway... Here are some photos of her, and you should stare at it while you listen to the song I'm uploading in the bottom of the page!

Summertime Sadness preview! I'm crazy for it.

I want that Louis Vuitton dress. And that face... It's complicated!

Soft and pretty, everything a woman should be. Nah, not quite. I'mm rough and anarquist, but anywaaay...

Ahe's looking sorta weird, but that's why I love this photo.

Again, the muse comes alive!

                                                              Last but my favourite one!

    So as you guys can see, I've chosen some soft and angelical photos of her, but at the same time they're real. I don't know if you guys understand what I mean. There's a huge difference between that pics you think they were made in heaven, and the ones that are beautifully made here, on Earth. The thing about her is that she's real, and have flaws. She gets drunk and goes to some rock concerts, and at the same time record his type of songs, which are unbelievable soft and (yeah...) gives me a HUGE eye-candy.
    What I wanna say is that she shares with us the best of both Heaven and Hell. She's the perfect reprensentation of the humam being.

I have chosen this song because this songs brings me such a wonderful vibration.

Here it comes....

Video Games - LANA DEL REY!

xoxo, Juliette

quinta-feira, abril 26, 2012

New pictures guys! Sorry for the abscence. Will explain it later.

Have a great week.

XOXO, Juliette.

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