quinta-feira, julho 12, 2012

Beauty in Ciggs

So, people often think that I support the smoking habit, because I have some images of really beautiful cigarettes packages on my computer, or even less, just because I'm not against smoking. Here's the thing: "Everyone can do whatever they want." Simply. I don't know if I'm going to smoke. I don't smoke now, and I don't plan to smoke, but if someday (which CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE, including YOU. Yeah, you) I start smoking it'll be my only fault and choise. It's so annoying. 
           I really want this to stop, so here are some photos of really girly and cute cigarettes I've found through the Internet. Hope you guys get my point. I do think that first comes the photography, then you can think about what it represents to YOU. Maybe the artist didn't mean to send a negative message to all who are seeing it. Or maybe he wants, and then you receive it the way YOU want. Not anyone else.
            Danke Schon.


terça-feira, julho 10, 2012

The Spotlight Saga - Chapter 1

          She just arrived at home. Another failed date with a failed guy. She was tired and a little drunk. The two bottles of wine fault. Why couldn't she soberly face him? 
          Taking a bath seemed to be the only escape from the horrible feeling which takes control of your whole body when you're unhappy. She grabbed some vanilla liquid soap and applied slowly and softly on her body, smelling each speck of escence coming out... Her recently dyied hair was fading away once she put her head inside the hot water. It was calming to see the blue vanishing. She was struggling against the urge to change again and again. She lost, and her hands quickly got the first bottle of purple dye she could find, and then she simply threw all of it on the top of her head.

segunda-feira, julho 09, 2012

The Spotlight Saga ?

         Hello, my lovely readers? How are you? I'm awesomly fine. Vacations means photography to me. Simply. And I've been so freaking inspired these days... And all this inspiration ended up with me writting a story! Yeah, I mean, I'm in the beginning of it, but I already made progress, and I hope that every day I can post here a part of my story... I know it seems hard, but I feel like showing you guys a part of me, even though it's not actually real, but certainly inspired by MANY MANY MANY facts of my real life. You'll understand better once you're reading it. It's a mix of loves that happened in my life. Not that are many, but the ones that did happen, where quite nice. I'm pretty much happily single now, and luckly not regret.
          So, starting today, I'll write daily my history here. I'm so sorry if I choose one day to post another thing instead of it.

sexta-feira, julho 06, 2012

Hi guys! Vacations on, everything off. Except for photography and music... Foreal, I've been posting like crazy on Facebook my new photos, which happens to be something like 40 per day. Not joking. But that only increases my love for photos and my pseudo-career... 
         Also, as a dedicated person when the issue is playing "Song Pop" on Facebook, my musical knowledge have been growing, and I found out I'm a huge Cake fan. So that's also awesome. Another things which is good is that I'm able to read the entire post, because I don't actually have to worry about studying. Thank God. 
         I've been trying new edits for my photos, cuz I was tired of those same "cotton candy" backgrounds I was applying to every single one of them. Now I'm getting a lot into b&w and lomo-ish photos. Totally the opposite from what I was doing.
          My week's playlist would be Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs, National Anthem - Lana del Rey, Feel So Close - Calvin Harris, Steady, As She Goes - The Raconteurs, The Catalyst - Linkin Park, Death of a Martian - Red Hot Chili Peppers, Vanished - Crystal Castles, Reckless - Crystal Castles, Charlie Brown - Coldplay, Boys Don't Cry - The Cure.
          Pretty much everything on a same playlist, but still, they fit together somehow.
          Now here it comes: New pictures! This time, ones I took myself.
 City centre

 Ice cream is my major weakness

 Tea :)

 Water Collection

 Water Collection

 Water Collection

 Water Collection

 Water Collection

Water Collection 

 Strawberry. I basically ate a hole pack of them. On my own.

 Vegetarian lasagna

  This photo is beyond awesome. Sorta Hipster. Maybe too mainstream...


terça-feira, junho 26, 2012


Inpirational photos for the upcoming brazilian middle-year vacation... 

 A little movie I made for Lana Del Rey

 Dyeing to longboard again... But I won't do that soon, due to my hard accident...

País das Maravilhas

Minha foto
Pela mágica, alcanço a realidade.