terça-feira, julho 19, 2011

The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie

Well, my favorite band released the first single from their new album "I'm With You" yesterday.

So funky, but so Stadium Arcadium at the same

Anthony said that se won't tell what were the inspirations for the lyric. But he told that Flea decided to make a classic funky bass song, and said that no one could bother him...

Well, he wrote such a good bass song, and them they started to play it as a b-side. But then, Anthony started to dance with a tree while he was listening to this song... And then, became a track!

Good story. True? I dunno, probably. I want to see Anthony dancing with a tree so bad, now.

A good song. Very good. But I actually thing is not what many fans expected... Some fans were waiting some Blood Sugar Sex Magik stuff or Uplift Mofo Party Plan. I knew they wouldn't fdo it. It's the past... They did a great funk stuff, but now, they're much more into popish things. And I don't see any problem on it. I heard "The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie" 10 times in a row.

And personally, I though it would be much more pop, like "Snow (hey ho)" or "Californication", but it's not. At all, it's not. The bass in that song is extremelly funky and low, while the drumms are just making a base and Josh is doing a great job.

He'll never make the John's backing vocals, but he's playing extremelly well and I think there's a lot of John in his guitar...

This song is a mix of Uplift Mofo Part Plan with Stadium Arcadium..

It's not my favorite, but it deserves to be heard.

Go to YouTube and listen to it. Enjoy the awesomeness of Red Hot Chili Peppers.


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