sexta-feira, junho 22, 2012

Inpirational Summer

     So, I was thinking while I was browsing photos to upload here and my idea was to find beautiful ones that might represent summer, even though here in Brazil is winter, but as I know, most people that read this are probably from the Earth's North part, so I'll stick with their seasons... And I realised that Summer to me actually means to spend the most beautiful time with the ones you love. Not just the "party EVERY SINGLE DAY", but to end up your vocation happy with what happened and thinking that you did all you wanted. 
     Here we only have 1 month of vocation in the middle of the year, because our Summer vocation (2 months) happens in December-February, and that's when our school year changes. It's a little bit different, but we still enjoy our winter vocation as it was Summer, cuz here is hot the whole year.
     So that's what these photos represents! The life we all wanna have with our friends!

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