terça-feira, junho 12, 2012


Bonjour my lovely readers! How are you today?
I'm a shit today. Really. There are some good reasons...
1- Last Saturday I broke my two front teeth while I was longboarding downhill... And I'm pretty much scratched everywhere.
2- Today is the Brazilian Valentine's Day. It's actually a day for those that are dating, som who's not, stays out of it. And I'm out, of course. The thing is that I'm in love with a boy. REALLY like him, and he likes someone else... You know, these sort of shit that happens while you're a teenager. 
3-Is not a reason why I'm shitty, but a thing that I'm doing lately, which is writting. I'm going deep on writing, it's so nice. Mainly when you're 'EFFING IN LOVE. GEEEEEEEEEEEEZ.

So here are some pictures that express my feelings about that boy, and also to celebrate Brazilian "Daters" Day. F*ck it.

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