sexta-feira, junho 08, 2012

      Hi there! How are you guys? I'm alive, yes...
School is freaking me out! Honestly, this holliday came from Heaven. Now I can finally post here.
Lots have been happening, since me being in freaking love again to me winning a new film camera from my stepfather. Yo.
       So yeah, I've been busy and pretty much tired with life, but also my artistic skills have showed up this past days, and Iv'e done some REALLY NICE artworks with watercolour and also inproved my grafitty skills with a new pistol drawing... Which is on my Facebook!
Today is an ispirational post, full of beautiful images I found TODAY. Searching for beautiful photos is my undisclosed hobby... Hope you guys appreciate it!

All those images above give me a felling that they were taken by the girls' boyfriend, and that's amazingly beautiful to me. I really like when the photos, together make a short history. When I see a photo and I think " Oh! This photo can be found at someone's house!" I feel very... amazed. I don't like overposed photos neither overthought. I like natural photos, and that's their beauty! 

Kisses, Juliette.

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