sexta-feira, maio 18, 2012

Cold Days

     Finally the cold weather reached my city and finally I'm feeling alive. There's nothing that cheers me up more then waking up in a very cold day and when I look up, the sky is pretty much blue. It's magnificent, even though I love stormy/ gray days too. Now we got into the Winter and it feels great! 
      I've been taking more photos these days 'cause I'm happy and stuff, so I feel inspired to take new pictures! These ones are from the first day of coldness, and I felt like giving them this purple-ish colour so you feel the ice-ness going through them! And you should really check out the song I posted below from Ksabian. It's a very touching song to me, mainly because I felt connected to the whole new Kasabian CD (Velociraptor!), but this song, Days Are Forgotten and I Hear Voices were the ones that I mostly felt in my bones! Hope you guys enjoy it as I did.


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