segunda-feira, julho 09, 2012

The Spotlight Saga ?

         Hello, my lovely readers? How are you? I'm awesomly fine. Vacations means photography to me. Simply. And I've been so freaking inspired these days... And all this inspiration ended up with me writting a story! Yeah, I mean, I'm in the beginning of it, but I already made progress, and I hope that every day I can post here a part of my story... I know it seems hard, but I feel like showing you guys a part of me, even though it's not actually real, but certainly inspired by MANY MANY MANY facts of my real life. You'll understand better once you're reading it. It's a mix of loves that happened in my life. Not that are many, but the ones that did happen, where quite nice. I'm pretty much happily single now, and luckly not regret.
          So, starting today, I'll write daily my history here. I'm so sorry if I choose one day to post another thing instead of it.

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