quinta-feira, julho 12, 2012

Beauty in Ciggs

So, people often think that I support the smoking habit, because I have some images of really beautiful cigarettes packages on my computer, or even less, just because I'm not against smoking. Here's the thing: "Everyone can do whatever they want." Simply. I don't know if I'm going to smoke. I don't smoke now, and I don't plan to smoke, but if someday (which CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE, including YOU. Yeah, you) I start smoking it'll be my only fault and choise. It's so annoying. 
           I really want this to stop, so here are some photos of really girly and cute cigarettes I've found through the Internet. Hope you guys get my point. I do think that first comes the photography, then you can think about what it represents to YOU. Maybe the artist didn't mean to send a negative message to all who are seeing it. Or maybe he wants, and then you receive it the way YOU want. Not anyone else.
            Danke Schon.


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