quinta-feira, dezembro 15, 2011


Oh well, I decided that I'm going to change this blog a lil' bit...
First, it'll not be just about music, but about my life, fashion, design, photography, and of course, music.

I just did that because I've been a lot interested in those things I mentioned before, and I wouldn't make one blog for each of these categories, that would be maybe TOO MUCH.

Second, I will be writting in Portuguese now. Starting on my next post, because people I want to read it don't undestand english very well, and I already have a page in English, so if you want information abou me, in english, go to www.statigr.am or if you have an IPhone/IPod/IPad install the INSTAGRAM app (if you have, better) (I'll be posting my contacts at the end).

Third, I'll change all the layout and the desing of this blog, because it's TOO morbid and punk, and some thing I'll be posting won't fit in this layout, so...

I think these are the main changes of my blog! Keep in touch with me.


Twitter: @daysrforgotten

E-mail: julietteblackheat@gmail.com

Instagram: @lostinethiopia

LookBook: lookbook.nu/juliettepagee

XOXO Juliette BlackHeat

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